Meet the Owner: My Lunchtime Chat with John Benish of Benessere Vineyards

Family first.  These words were mentioned several times during my lunch with John Benish, owner of Bennessere Vineyards in St. Helena, California. Both John and I live in the Chicago area and in late December, I had the opportunity to share lunch with him and his lovely daughter, Nell Sikora, to discuss the winery and the wine produced.   […]

Savor the Story in Benessere Wine

Have you ever met a person who you just feel gets along with everyone?  Perhaps you have an acquaintance who may not necessarily be your best friend but who looks you straight in the eye, makes you feel comfortable and is interested in what you say.  John Benish, owner of Benessere Vineyards, ( and his daughter Nell Sikora […]