Every winelover knows that a lovely glass of rosé is perfect for any season, not only on a sweltering summer day. Across the globe, people are clinking glasses of this delicious wine that expresses a myriad of flavors at any given moment.

Whether your favorite rosé is crafted from one or more of a wide range of grapes (Pinot Noir, Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Mourvedre, Zinfandel…), and is dry or bubbly, sweet or tart, there’s a delectable dish just waiting to complement your choice.  Sometimes, though, we find ourselves wondering what that perfect pairing should be. Should we consider a recipe that’s a snap to create or choose one that’s a bit more complicated? Cue #winePW!

The #winePW group is a savvy band of winelovers and foodies that meets the second Saturday of each month on Twitter to share delicious food and wines combos that fit a theme. This month’s topic is, you guessed it, “Rosé and …” Please join us Saturday, August 12 at 11am EST and use the hashtag #winePW as we tweet about our favorite dishes that bring out the best of our beloved choice of rosé. I hope to see you then and read your thoughts!

Lately, it seems that a glass of rosé is in my hand more often than not! Regardless of the weather (hot and sunny, cool and rainy, or somewhere in between), you can find me on my back porch or on the boat with a chilled glass of rosé while I read a page-turner for the next book club, chat with dear friends and family, or appreciate the Chicago skyline from the water. Although these endeavors are simple, they are moments to cherish.

Among the many choices I have, I’ve been enjoying lovely, affordable selections from the Languedoc in the south of France. In particular, two absolutely delicious, easy drinking rosés (sent as samples) from Jean-Claude Mas, fourth generation wine grower and first generation vigneron of Domaines Paul Mas, have been poured…and poured again. With each sip, I’m reminded of how much I love this stunning country.

According to Languedoc native Jean-Claude Mas, “Languedoc is a destination for fine rosé, thanks to the wide variety of soils and ideal varietals.” His mission is to “use only premium quality grapes to craft superior wines with a modern, New World flair.”  Mas took over the small family property in 2000 and actively reduced yields by 50% in order to assure higher quality.  And, of course, Jean-Claude Mas is a firm believer in the versatility of rosé as a pairing for a plethora of dishes and occasions.

Côté Mas Rosé Aurore 2016 ($10.99 for 1 liter) – This charming wine of 50% Grenache, 30% Cinsault, and 20% Syrah cultivated on clay and limestone soil, prompted the question: what’s not to love about this amazing value and palate profile? I found clean and fresh aromas of freshly picked peonies, a basket of juicy raspberries, and a hint of cherries. Flavors of strawberries, raspberries, and soft candied fruit were enhanced by mouthwatering acidity and the most gentle of tannins.

cote mas rose
Côté Mas Crémant de Limoux Rosé Brut NV St. Hilaire ($15.99) – As soon as I popped the cork on this enchanting sparkling wine from the Languedoc, I knew that this would be incredible…the tiny, dancing bubbles were in a frenzy! Grape varieties of 70% Chardonnay, 20% Chenin Blanc, and 10% Pinot Noir were grown on clay and limestone soils at 820 to 920 feet above sea level. The production technique is like that of Champagne, méthode traditionelle. And those aromas! Subtle red fruit, exotic spice, peach, and apricot notes were a lovely entry. On the palate, I discovered bright acidity and a round mouthfeel with minerality, tart grapefruit, and hint of orange peel. Another glass, please!

cote mas rose
Food friendly? YES! Rosé is one of most food friendly wines on the planet. But often, my most successful pairings are uncomplicated. A platter laden with French cheeses, charcuterie, fresh fruit, and almonds was my latest offering that met with accolades all around. The pairing was so simple, I was able to share more time with my family and friends…and another lovely glass of Rosé from Côté Mas.


rose and cheese

charcuterie and rose

Cheers! Cindy



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  1. Reply

    Awesome photos! How did you get high enough to get that great angle? Hopefully not climbing after drinking! LOL Mouthwatering acidity is right up my alley!

    • Cindy Rynning


      Thanks!! I tried to take the photo on my own, but a taller friend (who is also a photographer) was able to grab the shot with my iPhone 6s+!

  2. Reply

    I loved both of those wines! And your platters of charcuterie, olives, and cheese have me longing for Southern France. The perfect plan for a summer day with friends and family!

  3. Reply

    I’ve never been a fan of Rose, but then I read your suggestion of pairing it with charcuterie – wow, so simple and perfect I can’t believe I’ve never tried it before! Thanks so much!

    • Cindy Rynning


      Thanks, Nathan! Enjoy a nice bottle paired with a surprise suggestion! Cheers~ Cindy

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