It seems like I’m doing my fair share of celebrating these days. Between national and international holidays, wedding anniversaries, and life milestones (engagements! new job! good health!), I’m busy making merry and sending plenty of people my best wishes. But today, I’m honoring the 85th vintage of Parducci Wine Cellars and you’re invited to join the festivities by opening three exceptional wines.

Parducci Wine Cellars

This iconic winery is the longest running winery in Mendocino County having been founded in 1932 by winemaker extraordinaire, John Parducci, and his family. During Prohibition, at the tender age of 14, John traveled, along with forty rail cars of the family grapes, throughout the area to sell those grapes to home winemakers. By 1940, he became Head Winemaker at Parducci.

After an illustrious career, during which he “embodied the capacious spirit of American winemaking”, John was inducted into the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) Vintners Hall of Fame in 2012. John Parducci (fondly dubbed “Mr. Mendocino) retired from the winery in 1994 after spending much of his lifetime creating artisan wines that are approachable, distinctive, and genuine.



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Currently owned and operated by three generations of the Thornhill family, Parducci Wine Cellars is an important component of the Medocino Wine Company. Sustainability in both wine growing and land use practices is a priority…as is maintaining the authentic style of Parducci’s internationally recognized wine portfolio. An active farm-to-table garden program, wildlife habitat preservation, and water conservation and reclamation program are hallmarks of the winery.



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The Thornhill family is diligent in continuing the high standards winelovers have come to know from the wines of Parducci Wine Cellars. Winemaker Bob Swain, who joined the team in 1997, is responsible for winemaking and production, as well as “farming and harvesting Parducci’s estate vineyards and maintaining relationships with outside growers”.

Wines from Parducci are part of Mendocino Wine Company’s Heritage Portfolio of brands. I was fortunate to receive three wines (sent as samples) from Parducci’s Small Lot collection to help celebrate their 85th vintage.

Parducci Wine Cellars Small Lot Collection

Everyone with whom I shared these wines was thrilled. The prices are more than reasonable, the wines paired beautifully with a bounty of cuisine, and the happy sippers commented on the delicious palate profile of their favorite wine. Now it’s your turn. Help celebrate Parducci Wine Cellar’s 85th vintage with these authentic wines from outstanding vineyard sites in Mendocino County…John Parducci must be quite proud.

Parducci 2015 Small Lot Chardonnay ($12.99) – This classic Chardonnay from Mendocino County is just what you’re looking for…and you can’t find one of this quality for a better price. I found bright, lively aromas of stone fruit, juicy citrus, green apple, pear, and yellow flowers. Creamy on the palate, this balanced wine presented snappy acidity, freshly squeezed lemons, minerality and notes of butter and caramel. 20% of the Chardonnay was aged in new French oak and 80% was in stainless steel. Bold and lively, this Small Lot Chardonnay was a delightful wine with which to kick off the evening!

Parducci 2014 Small Lot Pinot Noir ($14.99) – From premium Pinot Noir grapes found in Mendocino County vineyards, powerful aromas of ripe cherries, freshly picked strawberries, currants, and vanilla wafted from the glass. Flavors of black pepper, red fruit, cedar, smoke, and spice were complemented by food friendly acidity and velvet like tannins. Aged for 12 months in new French oak and neutral barrels, trust me, you’ll keep a few extra bottles of the Small Lot Pinot Noir on hand.

Parducci 2014 Small Lot Cabernet Sauvignon ($12.99) – As affordable as it gets for a small lot Cabernet Sauvignon, I found the aromas of vanilla, juicy cherries, and cranberries a wonderful entry. On the palate, I noted flavors of almond extract, vanilla, plum, and ripe red fruit. With well-integrated tannins and medium acidity, the finish was lush and lingering. The Small Lot Cabernet Sauvignon was aged for 22 months; 25% were in new French oak barrels, 75% were in neutral barrels.


Happy 85th Vintage, Parducci Wine Cellars! ~ Cindy

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