Winelovers don’t let winelovers drink spoiled wine. And that’s exactly why ArT Wine Preservation, a product to provide a harmless nonreactive layer of heavy Argon gas atop your wine, is perfect for anyone who doesn’t finish a bottle in one sitting. And yes, shocking as this must sound, the most fervent of wine aficionados are known to cork an unfinished bottle.


I was introduced to ArT Wine Preservation when I received an email from one of its founders, Ryan Frederickson. He discovered Grape Experiences while searching through the internet for Chicago based wine writers who may be interested in learning more about ArT Wine Preservation and understanding his mission to reduce consumer waste beginning with wine, one open bottle at a time. Although I receive my fair share of emails about product samples, I was intrigued by his pitch. And once we talked, it turns out that Ryan and I live in the same Chicago suburb…with about 3 minutes walking distance between us. That, of course, made it easy for Ryan to stop by my house with ArT Wine Preservation in hand and demonstrate the process in my kitchen (see video at the end of the article).

Art wine preservation
The premise of ArT Wine Preservation is that oxygen from the air attacks high quality molecules and promotes bacterial growth that degrades the aromas and flavors of the wine. Although vacuum systems can remove the oxygen, the aromas are stripped in the process. The non-toxic Argon gas (heavier than air) in ArT Wine Preservation sinks down to push the oxygen away from the wine, leaving the aromas and flavors in our favorite beverage intact.

After you’ve finished savoring your glass or two of wine (and deciding that you’ll revisit the bottle later), insert the nozzle of ArT Wine Preservation into the mouth of the bottle. Squeeze the trigger for one to two seconds; if the bottle is larger than 750 ml, add a one-second dose. Cork the bottle and store it upright in a cool dark place. Re-apply the product each time the bottle is opened.

I love that ArT is eco-friendly. The formula is taken from the atmosphere (~1% Argon) then bottled. When pouring the next glass of wine from an already open bottle of wine, the Argon dissolves back into the atmosphere, completely recycling itself. For best results, apply ArT soon after pouring your wine to minimize oxygen exposure, then store the can upright in a fridge or wine cooler.

And the price? ArT Wine Preservation is only $14.99 for 130 seconds of use (see promo code at the end of this article for 10% off your order).

Naturally, I had to prove to myself that the system worked. Ryan and I opened a bottle of Malbec, took a few tasting notes, added the two second spray of Argon, and corked the bottle. The following week, Ryan dropped by for the follow-up; the wine remained delicious. We then decided to open another bottle of Malbec and wait more than one week. Although Ryan felt that a week was the optimum time for the preservation system to be most effective, I was curious.

ArT wine preservation
Four weeks later, we tasted the wine…not to my liking or Ryan’s (of course!). The aromas and flavors were severely compromised and I dumped the rest of the bottle down the drain.

Bottom line? ArT Wine Preservation is perfect for keeping wine fresh and delicious for up to a week.

Trust me, I’ve recommended ArT Wine Preservation to my friends and family and to those at restaurants and bars who are concerned about the quality of their open bottles of wine from one evening or week to another. I use it on a regular basis for wines that I receive as samples, those that I open to gather tasting notes but can’t finish in one evening. Now it’s your turn to appreciate the benefits of ArT Wine Preservation.


Visit the website or click on the ArT logo on the sidebar if you’re using a laptop or desktop computer. At checkout, use the promo code GRAPE-EXPERIENCES for 10% off your order.

Cheers!~ Cindy

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