Welcome to Grape Experiences! If you’re reading this, you’re either a wine newbie, a seasoned swirler, or a winelover who has a place (and a glass in hand) somewhere between the two. I hope you are entertained, inspired, and informed when reading my articles relating to the noble drink we enjoy the most. Trust me, I love writing stories about fascinating people and regions, wine reviews, recipes with wine pairings, and more. Each article is written from the heart…and palate.

Recently, I decided to create a few “cheat sheets” for subscribers. I follow several blogs on a variety of subjects and am always on the lookout for elements that make my life a bit easier…why not make the winelover’s life easier, too?

I asked a few friends to suggest relevant, everyday topics about wine that could be formatted in one or two pages and could be printed or downloaded. The result? Four of those suggestions, the cover pages of which are found below, are now part of the private Resource Library for subscribers! The response has been exciting and I’m looking forward to adding more subjects.

I want you to be a part of the group, too!

Join our band of winelovers by adding your email address for special access to the Resource Library found as a dropdown under the Home tab. Once your email is received, a code will be e-mailed to you. You’ll also receive a monthly newsletter and notifications whenever a new article is posted on the site. Sounds good, doesn’t it? I’m raising a glass to you right now! Thank you!

Cheers!!! ~ Cindy

Resource Library

This guide should be kept handy at all times!


Resource Library

Don’t be that guy…learn how to pronounce these grape names so you’ll sound like the expert!


Resource Library

Champagne is from Champagne, but there’s more to know about this beautiful beverage.


Resource Library

Of course we love wine tastings! This guide will make them so much better.

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