Hear About Wine – Jeff Richardson Interviews…Me! ~

Recently, I was contacted by Jeff Richardson to find out if I would be interested in talking about my favorite subject *wine* on their web talk show, Keepin’ It Real With Jeff Richardson and Ty Hakeem.  After finding out that the people with whom they talk are legitimate (hey, it’s good to vet your PR…) I agreed.  The format of the show is simple: Jeff calls the his guests on the phone and asks questions.  That’s it!!!  Viewers can see him but not the interviewee which may be difficult for some, but at least listeners can start the video and go on with their business while learning about someone or something…in this case wine.

My interview with Jeff is below so enjoy!  He asked some terrific questions which were sent to him by his listeners and are those which I hear frequently, as well.  I of course appreciate the opportunity to share the love about wine so thanks, Jeff!  To make your listening more pleasurable and efficient, I’ve added an index to the questions about wine and the minute and second starting point of each topic.  And as a side note, I did have a bit of a sore throat and there are a few things I would like to change, so no judging, please!!

Email me at cindy@grape-experiences.com if you need further clarification, would like to correct anything, or just need to tell me that you like (or don’t like) my voice!

Index to Wine Topics

Introduction: 0′ through 35″

When Did Your Love of Wine Begin?:  8’28”

Where Have I Traveled in the Wine World?:  9’59”

Are My Wine Headaches from the Sulfites?:  11’30”

What Can You Learn from Smelling Wine? Why Do You Need to Let Wine Breathe?:  13’22”

When You Open a Bottle of Wine Do You Need to Drink It? How Do You Store an Open Bottle?:  15’21”

What is the Correct Serving Temperature for Wine?:  17’33”

Can You Recommend Some Good Bottles of Wines Between $20-$60?:  19’40”

What Wines Can Be Served at a Baby Shower for 20-40 Guests?:  22’03”

Cheers to hearing and learning about wine! ~ Cindy

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  1. Pat

    You did a great job, Cindy.


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